Gold Coast Sign's Future To Be Debated By Council

Move it, leave it or scrap it?

22 January 2019

Article heading image for Gold Coast Sign's Future To Be Debated By Council

The infamous Gold Coast sign is back in the spotlight today.

It was supposed to be the city's answer to the Hollywood sign over in the US, but officials are now debating whether to pull the expensive light posts on the M1 down for good.

The $2,000,000 artwork was erected between the north- and south-bound lanes on the M1 at Yatala ahead of the Commonwealth Games to welcome visitors to the region, but motorists were quick to point out they could barely read the words as they zoomed passed at 110km/h.

Over a year after it was installed, the Transport and Infrastructure Committee was due to gather behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss its options.

A report was ordered last year to look into whether to spend more cash to move the sign to a different location, whether to pull it down and put it in storage, or whether to simply leave it as is.

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