Gordie's Big Issue With Mitchell-Wighton Reaction

'That's The Only Question I Ask'

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Triple M's and Broncos legend Gorden Tallis says he believes the weekend's drama between NRL stars Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell is likely nothing more than a storm in a teacup.

Speaking on LiSTNR's Footy Talk League podcast, Tallis questioned whether the general public would even be hearing about the matter if not for the pair's high-profile status in the game. 

"It sounds like [a storm in a teacup], and I haven't seen the footage," Tallis said on Footy Talk League.

"Two guys having a wrestle. If their names weren't Jack Wighton and Latrell Mitchell, would we be hearing about it, and would the police have arrested them? That's the only question that I ask.

"Were punches thrown, was there anyone hurt in the situation? I'd say no, and just two mates - probably one [drink] too many. Started a push and shove and got in a wrestle."

The pair were arrested on Saturday night following a scuffle outside a Canberra nightclub, while celebrating the Raiders Wighton's 30th birthday. They will front the ACT Magistrates Court on February 22.

Mitchell has also been charged with resisting arrest.

They released a joint statement on Monday, declaring the "wrestle" was "harmless".

“For legal reasons we cannot comment on the charges that are before the Court at the moment,” the pair said in a statement. 

“However we wanted to express remorse for putting ourselves in the position to embarrass our Clubs and the NRL over the weekend.

“We were there to celebrate Jack’s 30th with family and friends. While everyone enjoyed a great night, we understand that our wrestle, as harmless as we believed it to be, was a poor decision and may have looked bad."


6 February 2023

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