Grand Final Day Picnics Could Become A Reality

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There is growing pressure on the State Government to give us some more outdoor freedoms for grand final day.

The idea's being pushed by the state opposition and has the backing of health experts.

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Shadow Health Minister Georgie Crozier says Melburnians deserve the small freedom of a picnic bubble.

“That would be a great signal to give Melburnians give them some hope, give them some relief, it’s just been so long and tough, and those people that have done the right thing, gotten vaccinated, deserve to have some reprieve."

This has the backing of health expert, Epidemiologist Nancy Baxter who says outdoor freedoms wouldn’t be a health risk.

“I think if they do relax things, they will relax something, and it’s going to be outdoors, they’ve already talked about allowing people more time outdoors, allowing people a greater distance to travel.”

Premier Dan Andrews confirmed the State Government will be releasing the highly anticipated roadmap on Sunday, which is expected to expand the 5kms limit to 10km and get an extra hour of outdoor freedoms.

This all hangs on the prediction that Melbourne will hit the crucial 70 percent vaccination rate on Friday.

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Triple M Newsroom

14 September 2021

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