Great Exhibition at Artist Revolution Northam

The Earth Is Our Home

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Artist Revolution

The Earth is Our Home, is an exhibition about the relationship humanity has with nature.
Tom de Munk Kerkmeer has produced a series of works that talk about homes and about human nature, questioning the way we build and live on this planet.
Tom constructs his artworks , using recycled materials, incorporating prefabricated imagery. His work is playfully colorful still believing in the existence of an earthly paradise.

Patricia Rose supports the idea that nature is part of us.
Humanity is not separate from nature, we are nature and nature is us.
Patricia explores the emotional and physical connection that humanity has with nature. The natural environment is our home and without nature we shall no longer be human.

Check out the exhibition at the Artists Revolution - 226 Fitzgerald St Northam until the 9th of March

Open 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Saturday.

13 February 2019

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