Great New Chapter In The Gentle Giant's Story

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Natalie Shoebridge

4 August 2017

Natalie Shoebridge

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There have been a lot of headlines this week surrounding footage of an under 8s player playing for a Bulldogs junior club which reignited the age v weight debate in rugby league.

The story took a sad turn yesterday, when it was revealed that the young bloke, named Vaka, had decided to call it quits because his parents saw the social media backlash and didn't want him to play footy anymore.

Josh Reynolds has posted the following pic on Instagram this afternoon, showing Vaka in the sheds with the boys after the game on Thursday night.

According to, Vaka was invited to meet the team and have a chat with Reynolds.

Got to meet this legend last night as humble and piloted as they come , vaka is a young footy player who has copped some unfair comments this week for him to think about giving up the game he loves because of some silly people's thoughts is a joke those people need to have a real look in the mirror it's not his fault he just wants to have fun with his mates which is all footy should be about at that age 👌🏻#futurebulldog

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