Greater Shepparton Residents Invited To Reduce E-Waste In The Community

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Sustainability Victoria has introduced a new campaign to help reduce the amount of e-waste being sent to our landfill and Greater Shepparton residents are urged to get behind it.

E-waste is any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted and is the fastest growing category of waste worldwide. Starting 1 July 2019 e-waste products will no longer be treated in landfills and will need to be disposed of responsibly at dedicated facilities. This is anything from children’s toys and hair dryers right through to larger household appliances, televisions, fridges, dishwashers and the like.

The ban has changed the way in which these materials are handled at the Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre.

"Disposing of electronic materials in the kerbside wheelie bin is banned", said Mansfield Shire Council Mayor, Cr. Harry Westerndorp.

"All electronic materials must now be taken to the Resource Recovery Centre to ensure they are taken out of the landfill stream and dealt with appropriately", he continued.

Council’s three Resource Recovery Centres are equipped to collect and dispose of e-waste items properly and Council advises residents to start making visits to the centres.

Other retail businesses such as Harvey Norman and Office works also offer e-waste deposit services which residents are encouraged to use.

Anyone visiting the Transfer Station should make the operators aware if they have electronic items within their load prior to tipping materials on to the sorting floor. This will ensure that the materials are removed and stored in an appropriate manner, ready for recycling

For more information on e-waste or general waste and what materials can be disposed of at the Resource Recovery Centre’s across the region head to Council’s website or phone 03 5832 9700



12 July 2019

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