Green light, Greens criticism for seismic testing

Off Central Coast.

12 January 2018

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The NSW Greens have slammed a decision to allow seismic testing for Oil and Gas in the ocean off the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle.

Earlier this week, Fairfax reported a federal agency has given the green light to Asset Energy - a subsidiary of Advent Energy Ltd - to explore 30 kilometres offshore, saying it's "reasonably satisfied" with the environmental risk.

But Upper House State MP Justin Field believes it's too dangerous.

"The community are never going to accept an oil and gas field off Newcastle and the Central Coast, and this seismic testing will have an impact on the marine environment," Mr Field says.

"Last time they did seismic testing off Newcastle, we heard of significant impacts on local fisheries, but ... we've seen projects approved by regulators around the world that have ended up being disasters: Montaro Oil Spill in Western Australia, BP in the Gulf in the US."



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