Green Powered Trains Driving Central QLD Into The Future

Feasibility study underway

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Its full-steam ahead for a feasibility study into hydrogen-powered trains servicing Central Queensland. 

Set to determine if hydrogen fuel cell and battery hybrid power units could be used in heavy haul freight rail operations, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Steven Miles said the study will set Queensland up as a renewable energy powerhouse.

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“The Feasibility Study will focus on the potential deployment of Anglo American’s hydrogen power technology on Aurizon’s Moura rail corridor and also the Mount Isa Rail corridor,” Mr Miles said.

“This project is more proof of that future. Where we use cheaper cleaner energy to power Queenslander’s lives and to make the equipment the world needs as we move towards more decarbonisation”

“Imagine new economy minerals which can be used to make batteries to store renewable energy, being moved from the North West Minerals Province to Townsville, on a train powered by hydrogen made from Queensland sunshine,” he boasted.

“The announcement is more proof that Queensland is committed to capturing every section of the renewable energy value chain”

With the transport sector accounting for the fastest growing emissions, the hydrogen power technology provides a "versatile solution" in eliminating emissions for trucks, trains or other forms of heavy-duty transport. 

The feasibility study delivered by Aurizon, a freight rail transport company along with mining giant Anglo American, could see hydrogen-powered trains travelling on Central Queensland tracks by 2040.


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15 December 2021

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