Greens Introduce Bill To Prohibit Logging In Koala Habitats

"Take a proactive approach"

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A bill to protect Australia’s cuddly koalas in New South Wales will be introduced today in parliament.

Under the bill, it would be illegal to conduct logging activities in areas of reginal koala significance.

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NSW Greens environment spokesperson Sue Higginson said the bill was critical to help save koalas from becoming extinct.

“If the government was serious about protecting koalas or any of our native animals threatened with extinction then they could introduce a bill to do so – just like I am doing today,” she said.


"It would save NSW money and save many of our forest-dependent threatened species from extinction by taking a proactive approach to a looming crisis for industry and nature.”

With the state’s election coming up in March, it’s currently unknown if the bill will be debated before the end of the year or if it would be introduced post-election.

However, the Greens confirmed they will reintroduce the bill regardless of who is elected.

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8 November 2022

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