Greens MP Strikes To Scrap GPS Tracker Legislation

A sinking motion

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A Queensland MP has pushed to scrap the Palaszczuk government's GPS tracker legislation.

Greens member Michael Berkman moved a disallowance motion in parliament on Tuesday night.

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If passed, it would have reversed laws allowing courts to order 16 and 17-year-old repeat offenders to wear trackers apart of their bail restrictions.

“I am moving this motion to give the Labor government an opportunity to scrap its failed experiment while we have the chance,” Mr Berkman said.

“Like the rest of the youth justice reforms that accompanied this regulation making power, these trackers were an ill-considered thought bubble from a cowardly and cornered government desperate for a favourable Courier-Mail headline about their cracking down on a confected youth crime epidemic.”

- MP Berkman

But Police Minister Mark Ryan said moving the disallowance motion would only perpetuate the number of youths in custody.

“By moving this disallowance motion, they show that the position of the Greens party is more kids in jail,” Mr Ryan said.

This motion did not pass in parliament.

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13 October 2021

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