Greg Ritchie Remembers Shane Warne

On Triple M Breakfast

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Former Australian cricketer Greg Ritchie has remembered departed legend Shane Warne on Triple M Breakfast with Flan, Ali & Spida.


"I’ve been in the room when he has walked in the room," Ritchie said..

"And he is one of those people, when he walks in the whole place used to quiet.

"A lot of the ladies would turn around and look at him, and the blokes would turn around and look at him, and look at their lady to see if they were looking at him!"

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Ritchie said that Warnie is in the pantheon of the absolute greats.

"He was just such a level guy who was a superstar of the game and an icon of our country," he said.

"As much as Sir Donald Bradman has been remembered for years and years and years — and still is obviously — Shane Warne is the only equal of Sir Donald Bradman in this country as a sporting star I believe."

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Triple M Staff

7 March 2022

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Triple M Staff

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