Grenade Launcher Among Weapons Found At Charlestown Home

It's claimed they were bought overseas

6 December 2018

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A Charlestown man is accused illegally importing a large amount of firearms, gun parts and ammunition from overseas.

Australian Border Force and NSW police raided his home in E K Avenue on Wednesday, allegedly finding a grenade launcher, anti-personnel mine, machine gun and a variety of other weapons.

Ammunition, body armour, camouflage gear were also seized along with a hydroponic set up with five cannabis plants.

Authorities began investigating the 49 year old, after border intelligence officers identified a number of online purchases of firearms-related items being sent to his home.

ABF officers at the Sydney International Mail Gateway intercepted a number of mail items containing firearm parts.

He faced Newcastle Local Court yesterday on 32 charges and was refused bail.

The ABF says the detection highlights their commitment to remove potentially dangerous weapons from the community.

“We have significant intelligence capabilities to detect online purchases of firearms and accessories and through our investigations we have located a number of other serious weapons,” ABF Investigations Superintendent Garry Low said.

“People need to be aware of the regulations around importing these items into Australia and that the ABF will investigate and take action against anyone found to be illicitly bringing them into the country.”

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