Grim Discovery Of Missing Adelaide Woman In Victoria's North-West

Heartbroken & in shock

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The search for missing Adelaide woman Colleen South has come to a tragic end one month after her last sighting.

A farmer just before 4pm on Monday made the grim discovery of the South Australian grandmother's body in a paddock at Bunguluke, in Victoria's north-west.

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Ms South was last seen in the town of Ninyeunook, Victoria, on Sunday July 3.

While her car was found located in a ditch off Mackies Road under a tree about 4pm the same day in Wycheproof, in northern Victoria.

Ms Smith's family confirmed the news on a Facebook post to the page “Bring Colleen South Home” on Monday night.

“I don’t know how to write this, we are heartbroken and in shock,” said family friend Courtney Rose said.

“Colleen’s body has unfortunately been located in a paddock tonight, 5km from where her car was found.

“We don't have any answers on what has happened yet, but we will update you all once we do,” the post said.


The 58-year-old's family were under the assumption that foul play was involved in her disappearance, saying "something terrible happened" when she was on her way to visit relatives in Swan Hill.

"It appears that she's got out of her car and walked about 20 metres away, sat under a tree," South's niece Farah Mak told Today last month.

"Her journal was there and later my mother found her pen at the back of her journal (with) the note 'help me please," she said.

Victoria Police on Tuesday said although a body has been found, it has yet to be formally been identified.

“An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death,” the spokesman said.

“Victoria Police notified Colleen’s family that a body had even discovered in Bunguluke, however it is yet to be formally identified.”

Victoria Police in mid July took over the case after Ms South's family raised concerns that SA police were not close enough to where the 58-year-old was last sighted.


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9 August 2022

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