Grinspoon's Chemical Hearts Tours Sell Out Melbourne And Wollongong

with the others selling fast

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Australian rock band Grinspoon really are a hard act to follow.

The band have sold out 2 of their 11 shows across Australia on the Chemical Hearts tour, with Melbourne and Wollongong being first to sell out with the others likely to follow.

You're guaranteed to rock out to your fav Grinners numbers on this huge tour as the band looks back at their massive back catalogue.

Since bursting onto the Aussie rock scene in 1997, Grinspoon have continued to be a festival favourite and maintain their reputation as one of the best live bands this country has seen.

If you missed out on tickets, looks like you're in for a road trip and The Chemical Hearts vinyl record, a collection of the band's best bits, will be available October 11 and available for pre-order now.

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Cassie Walker

20 June 2019

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Cassie Walker

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