Guess Who's Coming To WA!

I Am Soooooooooo Looking Forward To This

Cliff Reeve

26 October 2017

Cliff Reeve

Not many details released yet, more will come next week, but if you are a movie fan you absolutely MUST put aside a night in June next year to spend an evening with Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss in either Mandurah or Perth.

I will have more info next week and the story of how a couple of unassuming blokes from Halls Head actually got to book someone like Dreyfuss is nothing short of astounding.

And by the way, Mr Dreyfuss WILL be making an appearance on The Drive Home in the not too distant future.

I'm an unashamed fan so I'll try not to gush.

Oh, what the hell, I am already.

More next week.


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