GWS Giants In Firing Line Over ‘Horrific’ Leak

'That’s a disgrace'

5 September 2017

Fox Footy's On The Couch team had the GWS firmly in the firing line during last night's show.

The Giants have been accused of leaking information that Stevie Johnson won’t play.

Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes declared the information yesterday.



“That’s a disgrace if it’s leaked out,” David King said.

“If it has come from anyone in their coaching staff this early in the week, I mean, there is a lot of planning to be done by both teams and I’d be surprised if Stevie even knew this information.”

Brownlow medalist Gerard Healy said if the information is correct the Giants’ poor handling of the situation is “horrific”.

“If it’s true and it’s leaked out then that’s horrific stuff,” he said.

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