Hamish And Andy’s Story About How Rob Quiney’s Hook Shot Nearly Got Them Sued

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Hamish and Andy gatecrashed Triple M Cricket during the first session rain delay, and in amongst the fun they told a hilarious story about the time Rob Quiney’s hook shot nearly got them sued.


"Hamish is our opening batsman and wicketkeeper for my team the Mankads, which takes on my brother’s mates the Beamers," Andy said.

"It’s the Beamers v the Mankads three matches a year every year… but you’re allowed one international player each.

"This particular year, my brother had recruited Peter Handscomb — who was playing bloody well for Australia at the time — for the Beamers, and we had Bob Quiney, who was also going well with the bat for Victoria."

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During the Mankads’ batting innings, Quiney’s flashing blade got the gang in some hot water.

"Bob came out to bat and we did need fast runs," Andy said.

"He’s hooked a ball for six and it’s landed on a bloke’s car.”

"It was a great shot," Hamish added.

"It cleared the ground, cleared the oval, into the street next to the oval, landed on the roof. Big audible donk."

The bloke who owned the car came over to complain to Andy, who was scoring.

"I said 'mate, if you park next to a cricket club and you know a game’s on, it’s your fault'," Andy said.

"So the argument takes three or four balls, and he walks off in a huff at the exact time that Bobby Quiney again plays the hook shot, and it’s going far short of going out of the ground.

"At this particular ground, the fence was just a singular metal pipe…"

At this point Hamish took over.

"The ball lands exactly on the bar, pops up and then travels another 20 metres, to land on the same car," he laughed.

"The guy was about to get back in," Andy said.

"And he blew his top and threatened to sue us, and Hame and I fixed up the bill!"

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Rudi Edsall

5 January 2022

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Rudi Edsall

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