Hamish And Andy Want You To Talk To Your Mates In Movember Mural

Know anyone who needs a chat?

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Hamish and Andy’s iconic faces have popped in Hozier Lane in a charity mural.

“Australia’s Best MayEights!!” are raising awareness for MayEight!! run by the Movember Foundation.  

MayEight encourages men to use the date, May 8 to talk to mates and improve mental health among men.

This year’s campaign encourages blokes to follow three steps: Step Up, Catch Up, Speak Up.

“We chose to celebrate Hamish & Andy this MAYEIGHT!! as two of Australia’s most iconic mates,” said a Movember Foundation spokesperson.

“Their mateship that has endured the public spotlight for more than 16 years, they’ve been there for each other through thick and thin and are obviously very comfortable and open in their mateship – not all mates could hang out with their Pants-Off every Friday.

“This is the kind of mateship we’d encourage all guys to nurture, and they can start this May 8 with a simple conversation.”

How to be a good mate:

1.Send your mate a text or give them a call.

2.Lock in a time to meet. "Mate, let’s catch up soon" ain’t good enough.

3. Do something. It could be an activity you both enjoy doing, or something new. Guys often talk more openly when they’re doing stuff together, shoulder-to-shoulder.

4. If you or your mate want to talk about something difficult, be there and listen.

5. Share what’s happening in your life. Being open makes it easier for your mates to open up.

If you'd like to know more, check out the Movember Foundation.

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8 May 2019

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