Harsh New Legislation Threatens NSW Music Festival Industry

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It's a distressing time for many NSW music fans with harsh new licensing conditions set to be applied to music festivals as of March 1st. 

This morning Mandy caught up with Event Organiser Jack Stewart from Pink Salt Productions to talk about the effects the legislation will have on NSW music culture and festivals. 

Jack stated that music festivals are "a very important part of regional economies", and that the new legislation is only adding a new layer of costs for things that he claims "a lot of organisers are already doing", causing festivals to move interstate or be cancelled entirely. 

"We're not trying to have fun at the price of safety, because the safety of the event is at the forefront of every aspect of planning. [But if costs skyrocket] then that impacts other areas of the budget."  - Jack Stewart

You can have your say by signing the Don't Kill Live Music petition or participating in the upcoming rally


Ebony Reeves

20 February 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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