Has Someone Stitched Up Guy Sebastian On His Wiki Page?



15 January 2018



Either we've missed something along the way, or someone has had a cheeky dig at our mate Guy Sebastian, via his Wikipedia page.

We're thinking there's been a hack job done here.

Not only have they altered his name in the page opener...

But they've also changed his name in the vital details section on the right hand side of the page.

Unless there's some sponsorship deal or something that we're unaware of, this has got to be a hack, right?

Either way, we've met the great man and based on how bloody nice he is, we're thinking he could probably see the funny side of it?

After all, he was gracious enough to perform with our Matt Dyktynski to sing a special song for Vic Park.

What a bloke... chicken or no chicken.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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