Has Sydney's Nightlife Rebounded Post-Covid?

Changes to Sydney’s nightlife

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Sydney’s nightlife has changed dramatically over the last decade thanks to lock-out laws and the pandemic.  

You may recall the memories when the business closed, and people turned to other forms of entertainment rather than grabbing a couple of drinks with mates at your go-to pub. 

So what is it like right now? Have we improved, or are we losing the long-standing competition against Melbourne as the social capital?  

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In today’s episode of THIS ARVO IN SYDNEY, host Sacha Barbour Gatt and LiSTNR journalist Kimberley Braddish chat about whether Sydney’s nightlife is capable of bouncing back to pre-pandemic times as well as the significant changes brought by lockdown laws that continue to shape people’s lives.  

Barbour Gatt said there was a 24-Hour Economy Strategy that the Liberal party announced back in 2020 to revitalise Sydney’s nightlife and reputation as a 24-hour city.  

According to Dr Peppin-Ness from the University of Sydney, the general nightlife in NSW has grown by about 10.6% post-COVID.  

Despite this massive turnaround for venues in Sydney’s CBD, psychologists and experts acknowledge there has been a flow-on effect with some people remaining anxious about big crowds and venues.

“It’s still fine. I still had a great time. But as a single 30-year-old, I probably prefer the time before covid, to be honest,” one of the interviewees said.  

CEO of Night Time Industry Association Mick Gibbs said it was essential to focus on safety issues and forming a more accessible transport when revitalising the city’s nightlife.   

“So really, it’s a way of making sure that people know this particular area is safe to go out in, and there’s the vibrancy and excitement that you’ll be looking for on a night out,” Mr Gibbs said.

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Caitlin Duan

6 April 2023

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Caitlin Duan

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