Have we gone BARKING Mad?!

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Has the world gone barking mad?

The wave of social media apps overwhelming the world have rolled into the canine world, with a new doggy dating app similar to the notorious matchmaker Tinder.  

PatchPets is the pet project of 21-year-old business student Josh Fritz, and allows dogs to connect with other pooches and organise a park play date.

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Obviously, dog owners will be facilitating the courting process between their furry friends. Dogs don’t have fingers and thumbs so they can neither swipe left or right.

The app also maps local parks, connects businesses to dog owners and allows dog owners to filter through different dog breeds and ‘looks’ to find the perfect match for their canine.

PatchPets has been hugely successful in its first four weeks. It has over 4,000 users.

What’s next? An equivalent for cats? I think we’re all barking up the wrong tree!

Sean Lindsay

26 July 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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