HBF Blokes Talkfest – Men's Health Week

Learn to thrive not survive

6 June 2018

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Join in the HBF Blokes Talkfest – Men's Health Week

Gain tools for resilience, peak performance, and success. This inspiring workshop will give you a range of powerful and practical tools that you can use to get better results in any area of your life and work.

- Dramatically reduce your stress levels 
- Improve your personal resilience 
- Learn techniques to improve your performance 
- Improve your overall wellbeing

Youll learn: 
- How to move from just surviving to thriving! 
- How to build your resilience, handle pressure, and bounce back from setbacks 
- How to relieve stress and manage anxiety using powerful mental skills and new mind-body techniques, including a new “psychological acupressure” technique (aka “tapping”) which can lower your stress levels in minutes! 
- How to sustainably improve your performance and get better results with less effort 
- How to succeed and still have a life

Saturday 16 June 2018, 01:00pm - 04:00pm

CWA Hall Albany - 94 Serpentine Rd, Albany

Grant Westthorp | 08 98 414 777
Men's Resource Centre are a not for profit organisation who are located in Albany who assist men and boys in leading fruitful and happy lives in a world full of challenges, for more information please visit the men's resource centre website
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