Healthy Harold Saved From Extinction

Giraffe given lifeline after backlash

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The power of social media!

Healthy Harold and his Life Education Van (LEA) have been saved off the back of an absolute uproar online, after we heard yesterday that the golden oldie would be axed!

Buzzfeed Australia was reporting that the federal government said no more funding from next financial year - for the first time in decades.


But, Harold the giraffe was thrown this lifeline late last night with this tweet by education minister Simon Birmingham:


Many threw their full weight behind Birmingham’s decision on social media, saying healthy harold was a “vital part of every Aussie’s education”.

LEA runs health education programs for school students across Australia by operating mobile vans that travel to schools, along with well-known giraffe ‘Healthy Harold’.

It's not yet clear how much cash the program will be given though.

30 May 2017

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