Heaps Of Melbourne’s Train Lines Are Stuffed

Good luck getting home

Rudi Edsall

14 January 2019

Rudi Edsall

Article heading image for Heaps Of Melbourne’s Train Lines Are Stuffed

As if the heat isn’t bad enough, several of Melbourne’s train lines are either suspended or suffering big delays.

The Pakenham and Cranbourne lines are suspended due a train fault, with buses operating between Caulfield and Oakleigh.

Metro are advising that journeys will take up to 90 minutes longer than usual on those lines.

Meanwhile the Belgrave and Lilydale lines are are copping major delays due to a track fault near East Camberwell, which has also affected the Alamein line which is undergoing minor delays.

The Hurstbridge and Mernda lines are also copping minor delays because of train and track faults.

There are also minor delays on the Frankston line.

Good luck getting home, Melbourne.

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