Hefty Fines Could Be On The Way For Drivers Who Block Intersections

State Gov considering 'box junctions'

6 March 2018

Article heading image for Hefty Fines Could Be On The Way For Drivers Who Block Intersections

The State Government is reportedly considering a plan to introduce 'box junctions' at some of Queensland's busiest intersections, in a bid to improve traffic flow during peak hour.

A bright yellow grid would be painted across an intersection and drivers would face hefty fines if they're caught in the box, once the traffic lights have switched to red. You would only be permitted to stop in the box on a red light if you're turning.

The system has been successful in countries including the US and UK, one English council raked in a whopping $21 million from one box junction in seven years. Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett recently pushed for the idea to be introduced in Melbourne and for the offence to possibly include loss of demerits.

"I am open to looking at the matter further," Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey told the Courier Mail.

But Queensland's peak motoring body RACQ, isn't so fussed on the idea.

"We don't believe this is something we should be considering just yet here in Queensland. We already have road rules around blocking an intersection, so education and enforcement may be a better first point of call," spokesperson Lauren Ritchie told Today.

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