Heightened Bushfire Threat Prompts Warning

Southern Downs

22 January 2018

Article heading image for Heightened Bushfire Threat Prompts Warning

Warwick Disaster District Emergency Services are reminding people to remain vigilant, as hot and dry conditions increase the threat of bushfires breaking out across the South West Region, including the local areas of Goondiwindi and Southern Downs Regional Council.

The drought continues in the South West Region, whilst there has been some rain conditions are again becoming dry, with no follow up rain in sight.

People living in the region should be mindful of activities that could start a fire such as any unnecessary fires or using equipment that could create a spark such as a welder.

Further preparations can be made by putting in fire breaks, clearing vegetation around your home, ensuring you have firefighting equipment on hand and having a current Bushfire Survival Plan.

To read the warning issued by QFES, visit their website here.


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