Help Find Zac, Major Search This Weekend

More volunteers are needed..

7 November 2017

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Bushland near where Metford teenager Zac Barnes disappeared almost a year ago will be scoured by volunteers this weekend.

The then-18 year old hasn't been seen since he got out of a mate's car in Thornton on November 13 last year.

A search team will meet in Metford Park at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday.

Zac's mum Karen Gudelj says it's been a heartbreaking 12 months, but she's hoping there'll be a breakthrough this weekend as they look for clues.

"Hopefully this will get people talking about Zac again, and once people experience the bushland that he could've ran into it it'll get the conversation going," she told KOFM.

"The goal of the weekend is to rule out misadventure that he has gone out into that bush. We want to turn over every stone so there's going to be absolutely no doubt that he's not there or will be there."

Karen says it's "tough" approaching the one year anniversary of her son's disappearance.

"The reality that he hasn't come home is really hitting hard again. I just can't believe we're here and it's 12 months and we've still got nothing."

For more details on this weekend's search click HERE.


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