Help Shelby gain independence

A Hobart family is in need

6 November 2018

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Meet Shelby. Shelby is 2 years old and living with quadriplegic cerebral palsy level 5. 

Shelby was diagnosed at 10 months old and her family were told by paediatricians that she wouldn't be able to do much due to the severity of the cerebral palsy but fast forward 2 years she has proved them wrong.  Shelby can now roll,  lift her head while having tummy time, hold things & have a great understanding when people are speaking to her. She is very bright.  

Dave and Al spoke with the family to learn a little bit about Shelby's condition and exactly what it is they're trying to do.


The power chair costs $12,000 unfortunately she has no better start funding left & we have no idea how long it will take for her to be approved by NDIS.

Although Shelby's family have said they hate asking for money, they are in desperate need of assistance to achieve this for her.

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