Here's How To Maintain Your Mane As The Seasons Change

Because no one likes a dry scalp!

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Ever noticed that the state of your hair and skin often changes with the seasons? Well, the team at Hairhouse Albury say there’s a logical explanation for this and have offered up a bunch of tips to help prevent drastic and unwelcome changes to our skin and hair!

The transition from Summer to Autumn

While it can come as a welcome relief when Summer fades, the heat begins to die down and the nights become a little colder, our skin doesn’t always agree with the change and can often become dry as the temperature drops. This essentially leads to less moisture in the scalp which can result in dandruff and hair loss.


If you’re already starting to feel the effects of Autumn, make sure you invest in an effective hair moisturising mask or conditioner. Before running out and spending money on product, make sure you consult with your stylist because they will undoubtedly know the best product to recommend for your hair type.

Don’t let flat hair get you down!

During the Summer, the humidity can truly ruin a good straightening job, but the same goes for winter. During the colder seasons, those gorgeous big curls you spent an hour putting in are likely to fall flat which can totally ruin your entire look.


To avoid losing the voluminous look you spent so long achieving, make sure you have some decent products to turn to which will help to maintain volume. There are a bunch of options including volumizing power, salt spray or dry shampoo (which let’s be real, is a girl’s best friend). Hit up your stylist for some good recommendations!

Don’t change your routine

You might notice as your hair dries out that you've started malting almost as much as your pets. First thing’s first, DON’T STRESS! 


This is completely normal and can sometimes come with dry ends. Make sure you keep your six-weekly appointment with your stylist because they would love to help you keep the damage to a minimum.

Let your hair recover from Summer 

Summer can be pretty bloody harsh on our hair! When you think about all of the salt, sun and various tanning lotions we use over the silly season, not to mention the endless tight ponytails we use to keep our hair off of our hot necks, it’s probably worth giving your hair a little bit of love and staying away from the ponys and straighteners for a while! 

Stay away from hot showers

I know… I’m sorry. During winter hot showers are AH-MAZING, but apparently, scalding hot showers aren’t exactly awesome for your hair. To avoid unwanted frizz and literally boiling your hair, try washing it with lukewarm water instead. So yeah, unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to hot winter showers. 

 Chill out on the shampoo 

We’ve all done this before, but it’s truly worth kicking bad habits like over-washing your hair. Your gorgeous mane doesn’t need a wash every day, so if you’re feeling a little greasy, invest in a nice, dry shampoo for a little spritz and refresh in between washes.


So, those are our tips for surviving the change in seasons while maintaining flawlessly, great hair! For more tips, hit up the team at Hairhouse Albury on Instagram or Facebook


27 April 2021

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