Here's Some Helpful Tips To Protect Your Vehicle From Car Theft

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With restrictions easing, most of us are out-and-about running errands, enjoying the sunshine, and getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year!

The last thing we want to worry about is dealing with insurance over a stolen or damaged vehicle! 

So here's some tips thanks to our friends at E Tyre Townsville to help you prevent your car from being damaged or stolen while you're shopping for presents, hosting a small seasonal gathering, or relaxing on the sand. 

- Keep your vehicle locked and close all windows - even if it means you'll be entering a sauna when you return! 

- Never leave your keys in a parked or unattended car.

- Avoid leaving valuables inside your vehicle, especially in view from the outside.

- Don't leave your vehicle registration in an obvious location of the car - that way, if a thief is pulled over by authorities, they will be unable to produce the auto registration. 

- Plan ahead to avoid high crime areas.

- Install an anti-theft system in your vehicle

- Be considerate of where you park your car, especially at night. Park in a well lit area, and trim trees and shrubs so your car is more visible from inside. 

- Store your car keys away from doors and windows and lock your home, even if you're inside or in the backyard. 

- Leave your car in park or in gear with the wheels turned toward the curb or some other obstruction in order to make it more difficult for your vehicle to be towed.  

- Increase your home security with motion sensor lights, alarms, and quality door locks to protect your car keys, garage controls, and your home. 

- Remember that if you are threatened by a carjacker, do not resist. Prioritise your own safety and that of other passengers.

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23 December 2020

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In Association With ETyreStore Townsville

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