Here's The First 99 Seconds Of The Brand New Season Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rumblin' and tumblin'

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We are *checks calendar* exactly one week out from brand new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and we're going red in the face from containing our screams of "TOIGHT".

As if they can sense how dangerous the building of anticipation is becoming, NBC have started drip-feeding us sneak peeks at season seven of the much-loved comedy cop show.

One of those little snippets is the first 99 seconds of the first episode which, as all Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans know, can be one of the best parts: The cold open.

(We stress can be because, come on, every Halloween episode is a stand-out in its own right.)

So without further ado, your first look at the first episode of season seven.

If you're wondering why Captain Raymond Holt is working as a beat cop, then you clearly haven't watched season six and it's probably a good time for you to skedaddle on out of here and catch-up on Netflix now.

But if you're all up-to-date, you'll know why Sergeant Lieutenant Terry Jeffords is leading the team, and why Dad/ Holt is directing traffic.

And if you're looking for more information on exactly how that's going to play out, NBC has chatted to all of the actors about the "rumblin' and tumblin'" and "shenanigoogles" we can expect this season.

The premiere double episode - TOIGHT - of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs next Friday, February 7, at 8.30pm on SBS.

Watch below:

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Triple M Staff

30 January 2020

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Triple M Staff

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