Top 10 Things For You To Do On A Wet Townsville Weekend

Rain is on the cards!

Triple M Townsville

22 March 2019

Triple M Townsville

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Our lawns will be singing with the big drink they'll continue to get over the weekend, if the current weather reports are anything to go by. 

Ingham rain gauges have 40mm predicted for the weekend, which will ease off from Monday. 

In Ayr the totals shouldn't be anymore than 10mm from the weekend falls with max temperatures hovering around 30-31 degrees. 

Townsville could see around 20mm falling across Saturday and Sunday, adding to the high tally of rainfall we've already had this week.  

Given the wet conditions expected, it's time to make some indoor plans as a Plan B for your weekend. 

Here's our suggestions on the 10 things to do while it rains! 


1. Watch the Cowboys v Broncos tonight
2. Brainstorm ways to stop the rain 
3. Print and cut out Cowboys players and make a puppet show 
4. Bake some scones and cross your fingers that they turn out
5. Make a pot of tea, in every flavour
6. Clean your shed out, it'll give you a break from being cooped up with the family 
7. Work out your tips for the next round of footy 
8. Turn your lounge room into a laundromat to get the washing done 
9. Play a board game 
10. Fix the table that just got broken from playing the board game 


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