Historic Day: NSW Passes Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill After Marathon Debate

Last state to legalise euthanasia

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In a historic move, New South Wales has become the last state in Australia to legalise euthanasia for people suffering with a terminal illness.

Spearheaded by Sydney Independent MP Alex Greenwich, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill passed through the Legislative Council about midday before the Lower House of parliament gave the tick of approval on Thursday about 1pm.


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The long-awaited Bill, which was first put before parliament five-years ago, was finally debated in the Upper House on Wednesday, with 100 amendments under the microscope, before the resounding vote of support 23 to 15.

Of those who opposed the Bill, the most vocal being Finance Minister Damien Tudehope, told the upper house that it was a “dark day” for NSW.

While Labor’s Adam Searle said it was a “compassionate measure” affirming the sanctity of life.

“There has been a suggestion that we don’t respect the sanctity of life, that somehow we think of life as a commodity,” said Mr Searle, who bought the bill to the upper house.

“But I would invite members to reflect that myself of and other people who support these measures do so because we respect life.”

- Mr Searle

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19 May 2022

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