Homelessness Week: What It Means Here In Perth

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Homelessness Week 2019 starts on August 5 and goes through until August 11. Its purpose is to bring awareness and action to the scourge of homelessness and how and what we can do here in Perth to help.

It's led by Shelter WA with funding support from Lotterywest, the Department of Communities, Beyond Bank and Brookfield Properties.

This year’s theme in Western Australia is Home, Safe Home

At the basic level, a home is simply a shelter, it’s somewhere to store your possessions, somewhere to cook a meal, a place to sleep. But a home is more than just four walls and a roof, it provides safety and security, for which most of us probably take for granted every day.

Housing is a basic human right that over 9,000 West Australians don’t have.

Have you ever walked by someone experiencing homelessness & wondered how they got there?

Contrary to some thoughts, homelessness it is not a choice and people who are currently experiencing homelessness, or have experienced homelessness can provide us with an important glimpse into what it is really like, their journey, and the reality for the estimated 9,000 people who experience homelessness in Western Australia every day.

The people behind Homelessness Week in WA have a whole week of activities planned, which are featured on their website.

Our conversation around Homelessness Week happens all this week. Catch it on the radio or via the mix94.5 app.


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6 August 2019

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