Hot and humid days ahead

Heatwave warning

10 January 2017

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Things are heating up across the coast today, as this heatwave rolls in.

Temperatures are expected to reach the mid-thirties on Wednesday, and stay that way right through until Monday.

Our beaches could be especially busy on Saturday, with the mercury set to hit 37°C in Coomera and Nerang, 35°C for the rest of the coast. 

That's about 7°C above the summer average.

Paramedics are ready to respond to any heat-related illnesses, which director of patient safety with the Queensland Ambulance Service Tony Hucker said can creep up suddenly.

"It might be a bit of a headache or just feeling a little bit unwell... these people we need to grab straight away and get them into the cool air and get them to drink some water," he said.

"If they're sick and they can't drink, that's an emergency."

The QAS has some tips to stay cool and keep out of trouble over the next few days.

- Seek air conditioning
- Avoid being outside, especially in the middle of the day
- Avoid strenous activities or exercise if possible
- Drink plenty of water
- Swap drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine or excess sugar for water as they contribute to dehydration.
- Check on elderly neighbours

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