How Brad Haddin Gave Away The Aussie Cricket Captaincy When He Was Drunk

The Fire: Before The Ashes

7 November 2017

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With the Ashes within sniffing distance Triple M has launched a brand new preview podcast ahead of it’s comprehensive Ashes coverage.

Hosted by Gus Worland and Liam Flanagan, The Fire: Before the Ashes will cover all the excitement in the lead up to the series and will pull the back the curtain to see what goes on behind the scenes with some of the big names of Triple M’s Ashes commentary team.

“I got drunk and gave it away”

In Australian captain Steve Smith’s recently released book “The Journey” he explains how his rise to the captaincy was fast tracked by a Michael Clarke back injury and a humble gesture from then vice-captain Brad Haddin.

On the first episode of The Fire: Before the Ashes Hads explains how he remembers that night; “I got drunk and gave it away". 

I was lucky enough to (captain) the session when Michael went off and we took seven wickets in the last session to beat India so I’m happy to be remembered for that from a captaincy point of view. But I remember having a beer with Tubby that night at the bar and he said “Are you ready to captain?” I said “Well I’m coming to the end, this is only a stop gap measure. Steve’s ready. Everyone knows he’s going to be the next Australian captain why not start now? I’m there to be vice captain to help him if he needs anything but I just didn’t think from the Australian cricket point of view it made any sense for me doing it for two test matches you may as well let Steve have the opportunity while he had some senior players around him. And I was really really drunk at that time.

- Brad Haddin

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