How Businesses Can Keep Remote Employees Connected

Improving Your Virtual Workplace

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While many employees are enjoying working from home, it can be a difficult transition for businesses. From staying connected, to keeping track of work tasks, and maintaining morale, it can be an overwhelming time for many managers, team leaders, and individuals. 


To help you adjust to your new virtual workplace, here's some ways thanks to Telstra Shepparton to keep your remote employees connected. 

Video Meetings 

It might seem simple, but face-to-face chats can make all the difference in helping a team feel connected. 

Video calls allow for employees to participate in social small talk, and help managers engage team members. They can also provide a platform for employees to more easily ask questions, present and build on ideas, or discuss any issues. 


If you're feeling disconnected from your team, a regularly scheduled video call could be beneficial. But be sure to familiarise yourself with your chosen software before the meeting starts so you can take full advantage of what the program has to offer, and avoid technical difficulties. 

As a part of Telstra’s commitment to their customers and helping them thrive in the face of changing business demands, they are offering a free Virtual Meeting Room service to Australian businesses until 30 June 2020.

Group Chats

Having a group chat is a great way to keep in touch with team members outside of emails.

Chats can be easier to keep track of than long email threads, and ensure everyone who needs to be included are involved.


Lots of platforms also offer additional features, like setting tasks for individuals or sending large files. 

Check out Microsoft TeamsSlackGlip, or Troop Messenger to get started. 


Job Tracking

Plan projects and keep track of employee tasks and progress virtually through a job tracking program.

Many managers may be concerned that work won't be completed at the same level as in the office, so tracking programs can help to build trust and hold teams accountable.


If you're still concerned about productivity, consider setting team guidelines, such as a 24-hour reply policy for emails. 

Take a look at Project.coToggl PlanAsanaTrelloTeamworkMondayJira, and Quire to see what best suits your team's needs. 


Keeping your team organised is key to maintaining a successful working environment.

Clear communication and sharing can help remote teams to feel organised and keep everyone on the same page. 

Use EvernoteGoogle Drive, or Dropbox to keep your employees on track. 



Help team members feel appreciated for their good work and successes through acknowledging efforts as a team. Positive reinforcement can motivate employees to improve or maintain a high standard of work. 

Without the social aspects that are often associated with being in a workplace - such as lunch breaks or face-to-face conversations - it can be easy for employees to feel that their work is going unnoticed.

Building an uplifting community is important to developing a strong, productive remote team. Use email, group chats, or other platforms like WooBoard to create a dedicated space for celebrating birthdays, company or individual milestones, and other positive recognitions. 


Celebrating these big and small achievements will help individual employees feel appreciated, team members feel more connected, and develop a culture that inspires connection and positivity.

Drop into to see the helpful Telstra Team at your local Telstra Store.

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The world is quickly changing but Telstra are providing updates and information on their Telstra Exchange Blog, Facebook Page or contact your local Telstra Shepparton stores and Telstra Business and Technology Centres (1300 822 236) to better understand how Telstra can help you and your business.

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19 May 2020

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