How Do You Meat Expectations?

We’ve got 5 delicious answers

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Ever noticed that everyone is impressed by people who can cook? We don’t mean “cook” as in, ‘Check out these great ramen noodles I just boiled’. We’re talking pots simmering-ingredients chopped-flavour mixing-tea towel on shoulder-dead set cooking. Ever since that first caveman eyed up a buffalo and decided to give it a chew, meat has been inspiration for countless mealtimes. Unlike that caveman, our mealtimes aren’t all about survival. We have the luxury of enjoying what we eat and, in some cases, using it to our advantage.

With some valuable help from CV Beef family, we’re going to give you some handy meat tricks to keep up your sleeve. These guys are a locally owned family business who hold themselves strictly accountable to their ethical standards. Plus their product is mwah! (you can’t see it, but we’re doing that kissy thing with our fingers to show that we really rate their product).

Here’ 5 ways to get what you want using CV’s grass-fed, chemical-free meats.


1. Seduce with sizzle

We’ve been told for yeeeeears that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that ladies swoon for a fella who can do more than jaffles. Ain’t it the truth! Express your love with this downright sexy recipe for fillet mignon. To make it truly irresistible, you’ll want to use CV’s prime eye fillet. Have the object of your affection eating out of your hand… if you’re into that kind of thing.

2. Keep the ankle biters at bay

Kids can be great, except when they’re starving little demons set on destroying your every happiness until their bellies are full. Whether parenting or babysitting, everyone can kick a goal with these beaut recipes for everyone’s favourite – the sausage. Snag, banger, meat tube… no matter what you call them, you’ll want CV’s thick beef sausages on hand to satisfy even the most starving little demons.

3. Grill like a god

The barbecue is the all-rounder of the cooking world. You can dress it up to host the rellies at Chrissie, or dress it down to feed the crew on games night. Whether hosting the whole neighbourhood or doing a quick grill for one, these barbecue rubs and marinades will have your eyes rolling into your tilted-back head in joy. Make them really pop by stocking up with CV’s Entertainer’s Pack, complete with everything your BBQ feast needs.

4. Impress your [insert important person here]

Everyone needs that one go-to recipe. The one that never fails to stun, delight and astonish. Maybe you have to impress the boss, or the in-laws, or your mate who always knocks dinner out of the park. To walk the line between astounding and achievable, we suggest using CV’s tasty lamb cutlets. You can use them to bust out one of these succulent recipes and starting blowing everyone’s freaking minds

5. Take the weak out of weeknight dinners

We get it – after you leave work and get your homelife sorted, you don’t necessarily have a huge amount of time to play in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for the boring or basic. Great food shouldn’t just happen on weekends! With these simple-yet-effective recipes, you can create the delicious any day. Stock up on CV’s premium mince so you can try them all.   

Inspired to branch out and try other new recipes? Head to the CV Beef online butcher shop to ensure quality ingredients. Thanks to their delivery service, they make it super easy to buy ethically sourced quality meats. Live in South Brisbane or on the Goldie? Order before 5 p.m. to get it the next day!


24 February 2020

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