How far would you DRIVE for FAST FOOD?

9 hours to get SIZZLER?!?!

28 November 2018

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What's the furthest you have traveled for fast food? Four and a half hours for a box of chicken at KFC in Kalgoorlie? Five and a half hours for a burger at Hungry Jacks. 

Would you travel NINE hours for dinner at Sizzler? 

Two morning radio presenters in Melbourne have made the huge road trip, nine hours there and back from Melbourne to Campbelltown NSW, just to appease their Sizzler cravings. 

Sizzlers do not exist in Victoria so the couple, one of which WAS a Sizzler virgin, had to cross from one state to the next for the nearest restaurant. 

They left just after their radio show, ate at the Sizzler for an hour, and then drove straight back to make it on time for their next show on the following day. 

It's a big drive... but that cheesy bread starter and dessert bar is DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

Sean discussed a similar road trip he did to ALBANY on his Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning...

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