'Jeeez! You put on some weight!' - Fev on Being Fat Shamed by the Public

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Footy legend Brendon Fev has spoken openly about his struggles with his weight – and getting fat shamed by the public.

“I blew out to about 130 kilos, which is huge,” he told comedian Wil Anderson and Beyond Blue doctor, Dr Grant Blashki, on What’s Your Problem? The Aussie Men’s Health Podcast.

“When you’re at that weight I didn’t feel good at all. When I got back down to under 110, I felt so much better, I felt like I could do more. I was worried about the clothes I’d wear, you get to the point where nothing fits.”

He says making the decision to become more active and life a healthier lifestyle has changed his body and his mind.

“My body’s cooked from all the hits from footy, my knees, my groin, my ankles – I’m like a sixty-year-old man after the gym, but walking to the shops – so simple. It feels good. Mine used to just be going to the fridge to get a beer.”

“It used to be a running joke that I watched everything on TV because I don’t sleep. But since I’ve become active, I’m in bed by 7.30 and I’m out. The past two years because I’ve been a bit more active, and I’ve lost some weight, I sleep more."

He’s also shared the hurtful comments he’s received from friends and strangers:

“This lady walked up to me – she goes “Are you Fev?” then she goes 'Jeeez! You put on some weight!' They just feel like they can say something! It’s not cool!” 

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28 June 2019

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