How I Turned My Life Around From Addiction

A truly inspiring story

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After Matt bravely announced to the world yesterday that he's a recovering alcoholic, we'd thought we take it to a next step and invite Jodie and Carol from Cyrenian House to talk through the process if you, or someone you know, needs help with addiction.

As it turns out, Cyrenian House are well equipped to help people at every stage of addiction, doing great things to help many turn their life around.

Indeed, as Jodie reveals, she herself has been in recovery for quite some time now, turning her life around in the process.

"I'm 15 years in recovery, I've also gone on to study, and have a psych and counselling degree as well, so in the best service to support people coming in."

Truly, an inspiring story.


The chat in full, for those interested, reveals just how much Cyrenian House and other similar agencies do for our community. Warms the cockles.


Thanks to Jodie and Carol for coming in. You can find out more about Cyrenian House here.


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12 November 2020

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