How #LibSpill Could Affect The Coast

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The recent uncertainty over Canberra’s top job could very well determine whether Central Coast Liberal MP Lucy Wicks can keep hers at the next election.

Her seat, Robertson, is marginal meaning it’s not traditionally safe for either of the major parties.

Two-thousand votes separated the Liberals and Labor at the federal poll in 2016 after preferences.

While Mrs Wicks had a 1.15 per cent positive swing to her primary vote and was returned to parliament, Labor’s grew by 3.74 per cent.

There were mixed feelings in Terrigal about spill talk on Thursday afternoon, ahead of the ultimate party room ballot installing Scott Morrison as Liberal leader over Peter Dutton.

The suburb saw strong polling for the Liberals in 2016.

Both swinging voters and the party faithful have questioned if infighting means business can get done for the Coast.

“Lucy Wicks is going to have to fight like hell,” one conservative Liberal supporter told 2GO.

“Without going into it, there’s a lot more that could be done for the area.”

One man said he does not support Mrs Wicks generally but would have given her the tick of approval if former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had secured the position because of a change in government policies.

A woman in her 20s said she’d never voted in an election where there hadn’t been a change of leadership in the middle of a government’s term.

“It’s so hard to know what we’re voting for, it’s a little bit childish how it all happens,” she scoffed.

While another man said with all the bickering, he feels like politicians in general don’t care much about the region and “they’re in a different world to the Central Coast”.

2GO approached Lucy Wicks to comment on where her loyalty lies ahead of today’s spill motion.

Sarah Iuliano

24 August 2018

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Sarah Iuliano

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