How one woman is fighting period poverty across Australia.

Woolies are now stepping in to help.

9 March 2019

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It's something every woman deals with for majority of her life- periods. 

But it's something we can hardly speak about, especially when there's a choice between putting food on the table or buying sanitary items. 

Share the Dignity founder Rochelle Courtenay is leading the charge when it comes to changing the way we talk about periods. 

We first spoke to Rochelle nearly 2 years ago, who told us in 2015 she'd begun collecting packets of pads and tampons which she was then donating to her local shelters. 

Now 4 years later, Share the Dignity is a national charity which continues to grow and help the women of Australia through some of their toughest days. 

The charity regularly runs different events, days and drives to continue giving back to women's shelters and organisations to stop the thousands of women who don't have the money to be able to buy sanitary items. 

"Women are using rolled up newspapers, toilet paper and even socks when they're getting their period- that's not O.K" Rochelle said. 

"I'm really excited about this new partnership with Woolworths which is going to help us with our next step."

Woolworths will now donate 5 cents from every packet of pads, tampons or period liners sold, indefinitely. 

This will help to fund the next step in the Share the Dignity story- vending machines of sanitary items in some of our schools and homeless shelters across the country, with 100 machines already available.  

Woolworths Managing Director, Claire Peters said in a statement released by the supermarket giants they were excited to be partnering with Share the Dignity. 

“At Woolworths we have worked closely with hunger relief agencies for many years to support their efforts to feed those in need across Australia."

"Through this work we have seen first hand that it’s more than just food that many are going without, with sanitary items in high demand." She said.

To see how you can help and what work the charity does check out their website HERE. 


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