How Tanya & Steve Caught Their Cheating Partners


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Tanya & Steve admit that they've BOTH been CHEATED ON before... and they know a thing or two about catching a cheater!

Steve once caught his girlfriend in the act, after he came home from work early and found her in bed with another man (his local bouncer). YIKES!

Steve discovered that she'd been cheating on him while he was doing night time radio shows, and that she would listen to his show WHILE CHEATING ON HIM (and YES, she was listening to Steve's show when he walked in on them). 

Steve is proud to say that he showed great restraint and calmly walked away from the situation...

Tanya on the other hand, confesses that she DID NOT respond so admirably when she found out that her partner was cheating...

We can't believe she did this! 

Find out what Tanya did below:

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4 May 2021

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