How The West Was Rocked: Eskimo Joe

Freo's rocking sons!

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The mighty Eskies... what can we say?

Kav, Stu and Joel are fiercely proud West Aussies and we love them all the more for it.

They've come a long way from 'the Sweater song', which was sort of cool at the time, and grown up into the modern, relevant, rock band we know and love today.

They've released numerous albums that kicked goals... A Song Is A City being a local highlight for Perth as Kav explains, it's all about his life and times in Fremantle.

"The whole album is really about me, my friends, the people I love and Fremantle. It's the stories that go on between us. It's similar to the people in every place all over the world. For me, that's what I'm writing about. I'm definitely not writing about New York. I'm writing about Fremantle."

How could you not be proud?

Clairsy caught up with Stu to chat abut the mighty Eskimo Joe.

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Doing It Live

Mark our words, Eskimo Joe are a fantastic live band. This is the only proof you need.



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28 May 2020

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