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There's no denying just how big INXS were back in the day. There was a time way back when in the late eighties where they could lay claim to being the biggest band in the world, alongside U2 and possibly Guns N Roses.

Who would have thought that only ten years previously, The Farriss Brothers (their previous band name) were traipsing around the live venues of Perth and WA, cutting their teeth on their journey towards world domination.

In fact, the actual Farriss brothers in the band, Tim, Andrew and Jon, were all born and somewhat bred in Perth.

Around the late '70s, the band relocated to Perth from Sydney, in order to keep Jon in the band. The Farriss parents were moving back to WA and declared that Jon was too young to stay in Sydney with the band.

So the band followed. They rented a house in Nedlands, practiced and gigged as much as they could, and the rest is history.

Clairsy chatted with guitarist and Perth boy Tim Farriss about the experience.

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Doing It Live

Whilst footage of the band around this time is almost impossible to find, we did find this. INXS playing Wishy Washy, live in Hamburg. This was a song on their first album and there's every chance it was written right here in #Perth.


What a band they were!



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28 May 2020

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