How The Whitsundays Changed This Mans Life And Got Him A Home

Love you, Whitsundays!

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How beautiful is this story?!?! Breanna wrote on the Whitsundays Chat FB page "Alright it’s time to show just how big our hearts are and what a fantastic community we can be! Today on my daily wander I noticed a man I see every day sitting alone looking down, I have noticed him numerous days in a row either sitting in his car or very close by. Today I stopped and chatted I asked the hard question. “Hey mate are you sleeping in your car?” With a heart broken voice he responded yes! He has attempted to obtain emergency accommodation with no luck due to there being none. He is down to his last penny’s. We all struggle, we have all needed a hand once or twice in life one way or another. I beg of you please find it in your hearts to help! With food ( please make sure it’s safe without refrigeration ) accomodation if possible, hygiene products, the offer of a shower, or even the offer of a warm meal. Let’s all stand together to help this man back on his feet. Please private message me or comment if your able to help in anyway. Happy to be a drop off point and deliver any and all donations. 🙂"

Great News! Dave now has a home, a job and feeling great. Breanna spoke with Jay & Dave this morning. 




15 October 2019

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