How To Have That Difficult Conversation With Your Mates To Make Sure They're Okay

Triple M No Talk Day is Mon Jul 1

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This Monday July 1 is Triple M's No Talk Day. We'll have no announcers, no shows, no news, no traffic, and no ads on Triple M in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We're not talking so you can.

As we ask you to take the time you'd usually listen to us talking to start a conversation with someone who matters to you, here's some advice from our mates at Beyond Blue on how to have that difficult chat.

You probably know these people really well... or think you do. But none of us know what someone is going through unless we ask and listen to what they tell us. 

When you talk to your mates, or your dad, your brother, your son or anyone else important to you, here's Beyond Blue's Three Step advice to help. 

  1. Ask if they want to talk about it. It might be that they don’t want to and that’s ok too. Maybe you’re not the right person for them to talk to, but you can make some suggestions.
  2. Listen. Silence may seem awkward at first but think of it as a chance for both of you to gather your thoughts. If you’re finding it difficult to understand what they’re talking about, it’s okay to ask them to explain further.
  3. Support is the most important thing you can offer and if they refuse, help them explore their options for how they could begin to feel better.


And if the conversation gets too hard do point your mate in the direction of Beyond Blue. They are experienced in hearing all types of problems and anxieties and are trained to help. 

Matt Bellotti

28 June 2019

Article by:

Matt Bellotti

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