How to look after the ‘self’ in self-quarantine

Being a good citizen has perks

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We’re gonna put a few words just here for a sec: self-isolation and social distancing.
Here’s a couple more. We’ll put ‘em just here → stuck at home.
We’ll finish this train of thought with these last words… uninterrupted streaming binge is a go.

There’s a good chance a lot of us will soon spend two weeks just hangin’ out at home, if not hangin’ there already. And that’s going to be a painful fortnight without a working iPad, Mac, iPhone or Apple TV. Y’see, Apple Stores have closed their doors… but Domayne is still operating. Phew! They are stocked with all your Apple must-haves, ready to take home and help you through the empty hours.

Look, we get it. The world’s a bit off balance right now, and we all want to do what’s best for community. Let’s just make sure we can put our housebound hours to good use! Here’s a list of shows that are beyond binge-worthy and will look flippin’ ace on your Apple product from Domayne.
(Please note: eeeeeevryone knows about Cheer and Love is Blind. We’re trying to expand your horizons, people.) 

You Can’t Ask That on ABC iView
Each episode poses questions to groups of Aussies who we don’t necessarily understand as well as we should. Think the types of questions kids ask you loudly in public that leave you beetroot red, silently willing them to be struck mute. Highlight episodes include former cult members, ex-reality TV stars and drag performers. 

Lovesick on Netflix
A bunch of mates in Glasgow have to work together to help Dylan track down all his ex-girlfriends to deliver some… not so great news. British ensemble comedy at its best. 

The Fosters on Stan
Strap yourself in for alllll the emotions. A patchwork family in America navigates the gory and glory of having 5 teenagers living under the one roof. Somehow this show manages to entertain adults and younger folk alike. We don’t know how they do it, but we know we like it.

Crashing on Netflix
Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Killing Eve! Fleabag!) wrote this before she became the hottest property in all of TV. A group of people live in a disused London hospital to stop squatters taking it over. They’re a massive hodge-podge mix with varying levels of respect for personal space. What could go wrong?! NOTHING! THIS SHOW IS PERFECTION!

Modern Love on Amazon Prime
This series is based on the popular article in the New York Times, in which people write in about important loves in their lives. So, basically… it’s a bunch of gorgeous New Yorkers, walking around their gorgeous city, showing us how gorgeous love can be.

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18 March 2020

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